Bovec rafting 2

Down the Soca river in a raft or kayak

Rafting and kayaking are both very popular and exciting activities, even before we take into account the river we float down. If we add the unique attractions of the Soca river, we get a couple of very convincing reasons to visit Bovec and other tourist hotspots in the Soca valley. There are many attractive options for Soca river kayaking and rafting, and it’s worth checking out all of them.

Rafting seems to be more popular among the casual visitors that want to get their feet wet, so to speak. It’s a perfect activity for beginners, especially Bovec rafting, which is flexible for all kinds of adventurers. Bovec rafting is all-inclusive, the local tourist agencies have a very good sense of preparing complete offers including transportation and equipment rental. The most important part of rafting is professional guidance, which ensures the best and safest experience for everyone involved – if you choose Bovec rafting at the local tourist agencies, a great experience is guaranteed.Soca river kayaking is just as popular and also available in a wide variety of options. It’s a bit more hands-on from the beginning, in a sense that you’re generally alone in your kayak and it’s completely up to you and the river how the boat will preform. Rafting is a cooperative effort and a social experience, while Soca river kayaking will test the skills of individuals. It’s still a social activity, as the guided tours are done in groups, but there is a unique sense of individual battle with the river when you’re in the kayak alone. Of course, different guided options offer different experiences. Many options are ideal for beginners, for example sit-on-top kayak trips and kayak schools, which are very popular among beginners.