Kayak Bovec

The most popular activities in Bovec

Bovec is the ideal place to be if you enjoy taking active vacations. It’s really well suited to the adventurers that like to visit the place, but the town will also impress the tourists that encounter it by chance. It’s obvious that it’s the best place to be if you like activities on the water.

There are so many activities to choose from in Bovec! Rafting is probably the most prominent, as you can see big yellow boats everywhere during the summer. Virtually everyone that offers tourist services will have the option to go rafting, which is great for the adventurers looking for fun in Bovec. Rafting on the Soca river is an unforgettable experience! Not only is the rafting itself very thrilling, the ambient definitely adds to that. The Soca valley can be explored from the water, and the best starting point for that is Bovec. Rafting is a nice idea for anyone not afraid of the water, even if you just do it for the sights.

The activity that offers some more solitude is kayak. Bovec is also a great starting point for kayakers, who will notice the offer is just as well developed as for rafters. For kayak, Bovec offers all the necessary services – even the independent adventurers will be glad to have the option of equipment rental or transport, and even more tourists will be interested in guided tours or kayak school. There are all kinds of experiences to be had! That’s why there’s just one place to try kayak, Bovec.

There are other activities on offer, for sure. Not all of them take place on the river, so everyone will find the best option for themselves. And even if you prefer to make your own adventure, you’ll be glad with the general offer of the touristic town!