Boat antifoul

Do you need antifouling?

There are different ways to do boat antifoul, but one of the options seems to be to just ignore it. It is possible that you don’t even need any antifouling – some boat owners can get away without taking extra care of their vessel, or you can invest in advanced boat antifoul solutions that don’t require any work in the long run.

The most basic antifouling solutions are usually not very effective, especially not in the long run. These are mostly coatings and paints that are usually already applied on the hull and can be also added later on. They offer some protection against the invading marine life, but not for long – they require frequent maintenance. This is the option that boat owners want to eliminate if they’re thinking about better solutions or about not applying any boat antifoul measures at all.

Other antifouling options are much more user-friendly and don’t require any effort or time. Ultrasonic antifouling is the perfect alternative to various coatings, as it is permanent and very effective. It’s the best choice for those that don’t want to do any antifouling work on their boat, but would still prefer to have flawless hull and all the advantages that gets them. Ultrasonic antifouling is easy to install, albeit a bit pricey for owners that are conscious of their finances. The price can be somewhat decreased by doing the installation manually without professional help.

Ultrasonic antifouling is a good choice even for those that don’t want any antifouling. It’s an install-and-forget system that will do the job admirably. With this option, it’s almost nonsense to consider leaving your vessel without any antifouling protection, even though you can still choose to forgo the protection and save some extra bucks – just be warry of your vessel’s decreased lifespan and performance.